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Carlos C. Ayala is associate professor of education at California State University Sonoma. He teaches a course on secondary science methods as well as a course of quantitative research methods at University of California at Davis. His current research focuses on understanding student science learning, formative assessment, and computer science simulations for learning and assessment. He is developing simulations to tap into middle school students’ notions of forces and motion as well as developing High School Chemistry formative assessments using Minstrell’s Diagnoser program. He currently serves as an advisor to multiple NSF formative assessment projects as well as serves on the NAEP Technology Literacy Planning Committee. He proposes “Assessment Pedagogies” as a model of formative assessment (Ayala and Brandon, 2008).

Dr. Carlos started his professional career as a fuel alcohol chemist with the United Energy Corporation. He then taught science and math in California Public schools for 10 years. He served as a school principal of a bilingual whole language elementary school. He completed his graduate work with Dr. Richard Shavelson at Stanford University in 2002
SRI International, FACET Innovations, LLC., Sonoma State University (SSU)

This project implemented a facets-of-thinking perspective to design tools and practices to improve high school chemistry teachers' formative assessment practices. Goals are to identify and develop clusters of facets related to key chemistry concepts; develop assessment items; enhance the assessment system for administering items, reporting results, and providing teacher resource materials; develop teacher professional development and resource materials; and examine whether student learning in chemistry improves in classes that incorporate a facet-based assessment system.