Amy Lannin

Professional Title
Associate Professor; Director of Campus Writing Program
About Me (Bio)
Amy Lannin directs the Campus Writing Program at the University of Missouri, a program to support writing in the disciplines. In addition, Lannin is an Associate Professor of English education in the College of Education. Lannin has taught courses on the teaching of writing, literature, language, and media. Lannin’s research focuses on 1) writing as fundamental to learning across and within the disciplines and 2) understanding of effective writing practices at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Throughout her career, Amy has been involved with the National Writing Project, currently serving as director for the Missouri Writing Project and works with the state network of five NWP sites: the Missouri Writing Projects Network.
University of Missouri

Through the integration of STEM content and literacy, this project will study the ways teachers implement project practices integrating literacy activities into STEM learning. Teachers will facilitate instruction using scenarios that present students with everyday, STEM-related issues, presented as scenarios, that they read and write about. After reading and engaging with math and science content, students will write a source-based argument in which they state a claim, support the claim with evidence from the texts, and explain the multiple perspectives on the issue.