Alan Hackbarth


Professional Title: 
Senior Research Scientist
About Me (Bio): 
I am a former high school mathematics teacher, school principal, and school district technology coordinator. My research interests relate to the development of online professional development that strongly links teachers' current teaching practices to learning activities that develop a more holistic way of understanding mathematics. Additionally, I'm interested in developing practices of technology use that strengthen school-family collaboration that help students (and their parents) better understand mathematics.
University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison)

This project is demonstrating the use of cyber-enabled technologies to build and share adaptable interventions for pre- and in-service teacher growth that effectively make use of major video collections and have high promise of success at multiple sites. The cyber infrastructure being significantly extended through this project is supporting development and documentation of additional interventions for teacher professional development using this video collection, as well as other videos that might be added in the future.