Gaming Arcade

(Open to all grantees) 

Engage in extended play and in-depth discussion around selected DR K-12 games or virtual environments.




Wednesday 3:45 – 4:30 PM in Washington A & B

Participating Projects

Project:: Expanding PhET Interactive Science Simulations to Grades 4-8: A Research-based Approach

Presenter: Kathy Perkins, University of Colorado, Boulder


Project:: The Evidence Games: Collaborative Games Engaging Middle School Students in the Evaluation of Scientific Evidence

Presenter: Marilyn Ault & Jana Craig Hare, University of Kansas


Project:: Math Snacks

Presenter: Karen Trujillo and Karin Wiburg, New Mexico State University


Project;: EcoMobile: Blended Real and Virtual Immersive Experiences for Learning Complex Causality and Ecosystems Science

Presenters: Amy Kamarainen and Chris Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education


Project:: Gateways to Algebraic Motivation, Engagement and Success

Presenter: Michael A. Evans, Virginia Tech


Project:: Leveling Up: Supporting and Measuring High School STEM Knowledge Building in Social Digital Games

Presenter: Jodi Asbell-Clarke, TERC


Project:: Data Games: Tools and Materials for Learning Data Modeling

Presenter: William Finzer, KCP Technologies


Project:: Geniverse: A Student Collaboratory for Biology Cyberlearning

Presenter: Frieda Reichsman, The Concord Consortium


Project:: SAVE Science: Situated Assessment Using Virtual Environments for Science Content and Inquiry

Presenter: Angela Shelton (Diane Jass Ketelhut is PI), University of Maryland