Game-Based Learning Assessments: Using Data from Digital Games to Understand Learning

Discover how digital games can inform classroom teaching using data from innovative formative assessments from three different game-based projects.


This session aims to open up a conversation about of how games can be used for formative assessment and how data from digital games can inform classroom teaching.

The panel will focus on projects that use the data from digital games as a vehicle for innovative formative assessments of science learning. A variety of methods and game examples will allow for rich discussion of game-based learning that can be leveraged to improve classroom science learning. The panel includes a mixture of early work and projects near closure to foster a spectrum of topics about methods, research design, findings, and implications for classroom practice. Following brief overviews of panelists’ work, participants will engage in facilitated discussion to surface ideas and a variety of perspectives on how game-based learning and assessment can impact STEM learning.

Session Types