CADRE ELL Working Group

Open to all grantees

Participants will discuss their project work in relation to current literature in ELL math and science education and the DR K-12 portfolio, as well as challenges faced in their projects. If appropriate, they will begin to develop policy recommendations for the NSF.

Working Group

This group met first at the 2009 PI meeting, and this session is the continuation of the group interactions. However, the session is open to others who are interested in participating. The session will begin with a presentation of the ELL synthesis study conducted by CADRE partner, Abt Associates. The study involves an in-depth analysis of the DRK-12 portfolio on ELL students in math and science education and a comprehensive review of the literature. This information will serve as the foundation for a discussion to be facilitated by Okhee Lee. The working group members will examine the following issues: (1) What is the current status of the literature on ELL students in math and science education?; (2) What can the DRK-12 portfolio contribute to the literature?; and (3) How does your project relate to existing literature? We expect that participants will consider what role their projects can play both individually and for the DRK-12 portfolio collectively. They will also consider if they are at the point of developing policy recommendations for NSF. In addition, there is an opportunity for projects to meet with each other more informally to discuss challenges they face in this work.