Validity Evidence of the Use of Quantitative Measures of Students in Elementary Mathematics Education

Quantitative measures in mathematics education have informed policies and practices for over a century. Thus, it is critical that such measures in mathematics education have sufficient validity evidence to improve mathematics experiences for students. This article provides a systematic review of the validity evidence related to measures used in elementary mathematics education. The review includes measures that focus on elementary students as the unit of analyses and attends to validity as defined by current conceptions of measurement. Findings suggest that one in ten measures in mathematics education include rigorous evidence to support intended uses. Recommendations are made to support mathematics education researchers to continue to take steps to improve validity evidence in the design and use of quantitative measures.

Ing, M., Kosko, K. W., Jong, C., & Shih, J. C. (2024). Validity evidence of the use of quantitative measures of students in elementary mathematics education. School Science and Mathematics.