The Untapped Potential of Early Career Researchers in Academic Publishing: Lessons Learned from the Journal of Emerging Investigators Model

Key points:

  • The lack of formal training in peer review can be detrimental to the publishing activities of early career researchers, including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Lack of recognition of the work of early career researchers (ECRs) in review means that journals cannot easily identify them as potential reviewers in the future.
  • Participation as peer-reviewers increases understanding in early career researchers of their own writing and review process.
  • ECRs can be highly motivated to volunteer for journal editorial work—Journal of Emerging Investigators encourages this by offering many different roles.
  • Publishers that utilize and train early career researchers as peer-reviewers can prevent poor reviewer practices.

Otero, C. E., Osinski, V., & Mattison, K. A. (2022). The untapped potential of early career researchers in academic publishing: Lessons learned from the Journal of Emerging Investigators model. Learned Publishing, 35, 393-399.