Teacher Voices from an Online Elementary Mathematics Community: Examining Perceptions of Professional Learning

This study compares web usage data with interviews from 41 participants, who are members of an online professional development site called the Everyday Mathematics Virtual Learning Community (VLC), to explore how elementary school teachers learn from classroom video. Web usage data reveal that the commentary surrounding video posted to the VLC is sparse and surface level, possibly indicating a lack of serious attention to the videos. Interview data, however, indicate that participants felt they learned from this resource. Participants reported that the videos provided them with the opportunity to view and reflect on model lessons, plan curricula, and consider student thinking, among other learning outcomes. Participants also identified key factors that prevented them from posting comments to the site to convey their learning. These results can be used to understand not only how teachers perceive their own learning from classroom video, but also to redesign online professional development experiences to promote expression of that learning.

Beilstein, S. O., Henricks, G.M., Jay, V., Perry, M., Bates, M. S., Moran, C. G. & Cimpian, J. R. (2020). Teacher voices from an online elementary mathematics community: examining perceptions of professional learning. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.