Succeeding with Inquiry in Science and Math Classrooms

Thinking critically. Communicating effectively. Collaborating productively. Students need to develop proficiencies while mastering the practices, concepts, and ideas associated with mathematics and science. Successful students must be able to work with large data sets, design experiments, and apply what they’re learning to solve real-world problems. Research shows that inquiry-based instruction boosts students’ critical thinking skills and promotes the kind of creative problem solving that turns the classroom into an energized learning environment. In this book, real-world lesson plans illustrate highly effective inquiry-based instruction as you learn. These plans include: -How to engage math and science students at all grade levels; -Why students should explore a subject before you explain it; -How to meet rigorous standards and expectations through rich, well-aligned classroom experiences; -How to develop useful formative assessments and gather critical information during every class period; and -How to create effective questions that guide students’ deep learning and your own professional development. No matter what your experience with inquiry-based instruction, Succeeding with Inquiry in Science and Math Classrooms will help hone your ability to plan and implement high-quality lessons that engage students and improve learning.