Simulations as a Tool for Practicing Questioning

In this chapter we discuss some of the affordances and constraints of using online teaching simulations to support reflection on specific pedagogical actions. We share data from a research project in which we implemented multiple iterations of a set of simulated teaching experiences in an elementary mathematics methods course. In each experience, preservice teachers contrasted the consequences of different pedagogical choices in response to a particular example of student thinking. We share how their evaluations of their choices shifted within experiences at certain points, and their criteria for “good” questions began to evolve. We end with implications for how simulations can promote critical reflection on teaching practice.

Webel, C., Conner, K., & Zhao, W. (2018). Simulations as a tool for practicing questioning. In O. Buchbinder & S. Kuntze (Eds.), Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice: A Dynamically Evolving Field (pp. 95-112). Springer.