ReLaTe-SA: An Effort to Understand Teachers’ Reasoning Language in Algebra

The purpose of the Reasoning Language for Teaching Secondary Algebra (ReLaTe-SA) project is to understand teachers' use of reasoning language for teaching concepts and procedures in middle and high school algebra. Previous studies on algebra and algebraic reasoning have investigated other aspects, including students’ conceptions and discourse. The link between students' discourse and conceptual understanding has been explored (Chesnais & Constantin, 2020; Reinhardtsen, 2020). However, less is known about middle and high school teachers' language in the algebra classroom. The ReLaTe-SA project investigates the research question: what language do teachers use to describe and explain routines in algebra classes? The goal of this article is to inform readers about some ways we have learned to describe the discourse that teachers use when solving linear equations.

Kirmizi, M. (2022). ReLaTe-SA: An Effort to Understand Teachers' Reasoning Language in Algebra. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education in Texas, 12(1), 7-9.