PST Learning to Facilitate Argumentation Via Simulation: Exploring the Role of Understanding and Emotion

The present study focuses on examining transitions in elementary pre-service teachers (PSTs)’ understanding of, and skills in, leading argumentation-focused discussions in mathematics during participation in a sequence of three different practice-based activities, collectively referred to as the Online Practice Suite (OPS). We will examine 14 PSTs’ responses to post-activity surveys targeting their understanding of argumentation-focused discussions and emotional experiences, over the course of a single semester. From this initial coding, we will select three to four cases that represent a range of understandings and emotional experiences and conduct in-depth analyses on the patterns of engagement in the OPS, drawing on records of practice from their experiences in the OPS. We discuss ways that teacher educators can scaffold PSTs’ experiences as they develop the skills to facilitate argumentation-focused discussions.

Howell, H., Cross Francis, D., Bharaj, P. K., & Shekell, C. (2021). PST learning to facilitate argumentation via simulation: Exploring the role of understanding and emotion. [Paper presentation]. Psychology of Mathematics Education North America Conference. Philadelphia, PA.