Promoting Meaningful Conversations Among Prospective Mathematics Teachers

Recent circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on entering public schools have created barriers for prospective teachers (PT) to gain valuable exposure to real classrooms. As a result, we have transitioned some teacher preparation from in person experiences to video case study analysis. Our research seeks to determine how this transition can foster development of critical teaching skills by infusing a model of powerful teaching with video of real classrooms. Our findings suggest that with online video case analysis PTs were able to advance their discursive conversations to strategic conversations by building on and transforming each other’s articulation of proposed teacher moves. This model for PT preparation has the potential to foster more meaningful discourse among participants by providing a space to build on and refine their understanding of mathematics teaching.

Bonaccorso, V. D., DiNapoli, J., & Murray, E. (2022). Promoting meaningful conversations among prospective mathematics teachers. In A. Rogerson & J. Morska (Eds.) Building on the Past to Prepare for the Future, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of The Mathematics Education for the Future Project (pp. 50-55). Munster: WTM.