Perspectives on Algebra I Tutoring Experiences With Students With Learning Disabilities

The researchers conducted a qualitative analysis of the perceptions of school personnel and pre-service teachers about an Algebra I tutoring program for students with learning disabilities. The researchers surveyed and interviewed the participants about the effectiveness of the program for the mathematics learning of the students with LD at the school and as a learning experience for the pre-service teachers. The school personnel indicated there was a mutually beneficial relationship between the tutors and the school. The perceptions of the tutors revealed considerations about the challenges they face as Algebra I tutors of students with learning disabilities including remembering Algebra I content, posing strategic questions to students, dealing with students’ math anxiety, and conveying Algebra I content accessibly. The tutors reported positive experiences in the program including learning from field experience and, in particular, learning to promote the progress and learning of students with learning disabilities using gestures and strategic questioning.

Hord, C., & DeJarnette, A. F. (2020). Perspectives on Algebra I tutoring experiences with students with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal, 18(2), 177-192.