Innovate to Mitigate: Microgenesis of Student Design and Rationale in a Crowdsourcing Competition to Mitigate Global Warming

The Innovate to Mitigate project adapts crowdsourcing to support project-based STEM education, posing design challenges for secondary-school students. Students are charged with designing feasible innovative strategies to mitigate CO2 emissions and thus global warming. The paper draws on data from 3 project teams. The paper presents evidence that a web-mediated community of practice supports STEM learning of concepts and STEM practices and examines conditions under which the environment can enable an account of microgenesis of that learning.

Drayton, B, Puttick, G., & Gasca, S. (2022). Innovate to Mitigate: Microgenesis of student design and rationale in a crowdsourcing competition to mitigate global warming. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, 2022.