Increasing Engagement during Online Learning through the Use of Interactive Slides

It is difficult in asynchronous online instruction to keep students engaged and motivated. The rapid and unexpected nature of the move to online instruction has meant that the content presented to students has been primarily static and linear. Thus, there is a need for creative pedagogical approaches that re-create some level of the laboratory experience. One economical and accessible approach to building an interactive lab experience is making web-based interactive slides. In the virtual spaces created by this approach, students can explore different modalities of content in a nonlinear and asynchronous manner. We hope that this approach will make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for students while simultaneously making the complex content normally covered in microbiology labs more approachable. In this article we provide detailed instructions for producing web-based interactive slides as well as an example interactive slide that encompasses content that might normally be presented in an introductory microbiology class.

Pakpour, N., Souto, I.. & Schaffer, P. (2021). Increasing engagement during online learning through the use of interactive slides. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education, 22, 117-121.