Impact of the Design of an Asynchronous Video-Based Learning Environment on Teacher Noticing and Mathematical Knowledge

In this paper, we share the design and impact of a set of two-hour online mathematics professional development modules adapted from face-to-face video-based materials. The “Video in the Middle” (VIM) modules are aligned with principles of authentic e-learning and can be combined in a variety of ways to form professional development pathways that meet the unique needs of a wide range of professional learning settings and contexts. VIM modules aim to support teacher noticing of student thinking and increase their mathematical knowledge for teaching. The VIM materials are designed to be used in any of three flexible asynchronous formats: independent, locally facilitated, or developer facilitated. Preliminary research results indicate that teachers appreciated the variety of formats, found the modules useful and engaging, and learned to appreciate and use visual methods for solving problems, including using color to distinguish and highlight the relationship between numeric, algebraic, and geometric models.

Seago, N. & Knotts, A. (2021). Impact of the design of an asynchronous video-based learning environment on teacher noticing and mathematical knowledge. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 21(4), 190-206.