How Do We Design Curricula to Foster Innovation, Motivation and Interest in STEM Learning?

The authors designed a science and engineering curricular program that includes design features that promote student interest and motivation and examined teachers' and students' views on meaningfulness, motivation and interest.

The research approach consisted of mixed methods, including content analyses and descriptive statistics.

The curricular program successfully included all four of the US National Academies of Sciences' design features for promoting interest and motivation through scientific investigation and engineering design. During interviews, teachers and students expressed evidence of design features associated with interest and motivation. After experiencing the program, more than 60% of all students scored high on all four science and engineering meaningfulness and interest survey items.

A curricular program that extends science learning through the engineered design of solutions is an innovative approach to foster both conceptual knowledge development and interest and motivation in science and engineering.

Calabrese, J. E., Songer, N. B., Cordner, H., & Aina, D. K., Jr. (2023). How do we design curricula to foster innovation, motivation and interest in STEM learning? Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning.