Flipping Instruction in a Fifth Grade Class: A Case of an Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Flipped instruction, in which information typically conveyed through in-class lectures is delivered remotely through video or text, is being used increasingly by teachers at all levels. However, there is little research documenting how elementary teachers think about, plan for, and use flipped instruction. In this article, we use data from interviews, class observations, and an analysis of instructional videos to describe an elementary mathematics specialists' efforts to incorporate flipped instruction for mathematics in her fifth grade class. We use this case to highlight how a knowledgeable teacher might use flipped instruction to enhance her teaching, and also describe potential challenges.

Webel, C., Sheffel, C., & Conner, K. A. (2018). Flipping instruction in a fifth grade class: A case of an elementary mathematics specialist. Teaching and Teacher Education, 71, 271-282.