Engaging underrepresented groups in high school introductory computing through computational remixing with EarSketch

In this paper, we describe a pilot study of EarSketch, a computational remixing approach to introductory computer science, in a formal academic computing course at the high school level. The EarSketch project provides an integrated curriculum, Python API, digital audio workstation (DAW), audio loop library, and social sharing site. The goal for EarSketch is to broaden participation in computing, particularly by traditionally underrepresented groups, through a thickly authentic learning environment that has personal and industry relevance in both computational and artistic domains. The pilot results show statistically significant gains in computing attitudes across multiple constructs, with particularly strong results for female and minority participants.

Freeman, J., Magerko, B., McKlin, T., Reilly, M., Permar, J., Summers, C., & Fruchter, E. (2014). “Engaging Underrepresented Groups in High School Introductory Computing through Computational Remixing with EarSketch” in Proceedings of the ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. Atlanta, Georgia.