The Development of Critical Teaching Skills for Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers Through Video Case Study Analysis

Using social learning theory with the central concept of a community of practice, we situate this work within a secondary mathematics methods course to unpack preservice secondary mathematics teachers (PSMTs) development through the use of video case studies. We analyzed six sessions of the course in which PSMTs engaged in discussions about video segments of mathematics teaching rooted in the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) framework for high-quality instruction. Analysis of this data showed opportunities for PSMTs to develop critical skills for teaching (Hiebert et al., 2007). Our contribution includes the addition of a new skill to Hiebert’s framework, Understanding the Mathematics, as an important component of PSMT learning that may precede the original four skills. Future research should focus on connections between PSMTs’ evolving mathematical understandings and analysis of video to better understand the impact of their content knowledge on developing the critical skills for teaching.

Leonard, H. S., Kim, Y., Bonaccorso, V. D., Lim, S., DiNapoli, J., & Murray, E. (2021). The development of critical teaching skills for preservice secondary mathematics teachers through video case study analysis. In S. S. Karunakaran and A. Higgins (Eds.) 2021 Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education Reports (pp. 171-179).