Connecting Classroom Assessment with Learning Goals and Instruction Through Theories of Learning

In this report section, we discuss the importance of aligning classroom assessments with learning goals and instructional practices to both shape and evaluate students’ learning opportunities. We describe a plausible solution for improving alignment by integrating theories of learning in the design of classroom assessments. We discuss ways in which the specification of theories of learning as learning progressions can improve alignment between classroom assessments and instruction by focusing on the content, task design, and data generated from classroom assessments. We illustrate applications by highlighting research projects funded by the NSF’s DRK-12 program.

Ketterlin-Geller, L. R. & Harris, C. J. (2023). Connecting classroom assessment with learning goals and instruction through theories of learning. In C. Harris, E. Wiebe, S. Grover, & J.W. Pellegrino (Eds.). Classroom-based STEM Assessment: A Synthesis Report (pp. 83-94). Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE). Education Development Center, Inc.