CHANGE Curriculum

CHANGE provides a website, which includes nine units from a marine sciences course, complete with lesson plans involving inexpensive, easy to find materials, Powerpoints, downloadable files and an interactive web-based eBook with simulation-based games. The nine units for high school-level Marine Science classes include: (1) Ocean Exploration, (2) Marine Geology, (3) Marine Chemistry, (4) Estuaries, (5) Marine Physics, (6) Populations: Producers, (7) Populations: Invertebrates, (8) Populations: Vertebrates and (9) Capstone: Apollo Beach. All of these materials can be potentially repurposed for other high school science courses.

Teachers can view the top level, outline of the CHANGE curriculum web-page: Those interested in accessing the materials will need to register to get a username by emailing Dr. Glenn Smith: and