2011 DR K-12 Program Webinar

NSF and CADRE hosted a series of webinars providing an overview of the DR K-12 funding program and reviewing this year's DR K-12 solicitation. Here is a sample of some of the questions that came up during the webinars:

  1. Can you explain cost sharing?
  2. For a collaborative proposal, do we submit one or two Letters of Intent?
  3. What is the difference between STEM focus and STEM discipline?  Both are listed in the RFP.

View a recording of each session's presentation, here:

  1. What is the 2 month salary rule for PIs? 
  2. Do we need IRB approval before submitting the DR K-12 proposal?
  3. Are grants provided on a reimbursement basis or are funds provided upfront?
  1. Do all of the institutions and partners have to be decided by the Letter of Intent submission deadline?
  2. Can you address what you see as the distinction between the Cyberlearning solicitation and DR K-12?
  3. Would it be a disadvantage if the lead agency represents informal learning?
  1. Does NSF fund project whose co-PI is not U.S. citizen?
  2. Can more than one person be PI for the proposal?
  3. Do the maximum amounts for duration and budget imply a maximum per year?
  4. Should junior researchers limit themselves to exploratory grants to help their chances of getting funding?

To view a full list of question asked during the webinars, click here.

Revisions to this year’s solicitation include:
(1) Adjustments to the award amount and duration of Full Research and Development awards;
(2) A call for highly innovative learning materials into Strand 2 and the elimination of previous Challenge 5; and
(3) New deadlines for conference and workshop proposal submissions, which may no longer be submitted at any time during the year and are now due at the same deadline as all other DR K-12 proposals.