Spring 2015 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues:

With spring almost here and preparation for conferences underway, we are all thinking more about dissemination strategies. Let us help you! Send us a quick update on your project with an accompanying link to more information, and we'll be happy to spread the word through CADRE's website, social media, and quarterly newsletter.

We also want to remind you that CADRE is participating in NSF's first cross-program video showcase event. An estimated 100 project leaders have volunteered to enter three minute videos about an intervention, innovation, or research related to their NSF awards. More than 35 of these are volunteers from the DR K-12 community. Even if you are not preparing a video, you can still participate by reviewing the videos during the week of May 11-15 and spreading the word about the event to your networks.

In addition to dissemination, we are continuing to focus on early career researchers and developers. If you are a mentor or a mentee, we encourage you to visit our Spotlight on Early Career STEM Education R&D for our recently posted podcast and videos focused on mentoring. Thank you to Chris Rogers (Tufts University) and Kristen Wendell (UMASS, Boston) for sharing their insights on mentorship and strategies for building a successful mentor/mentee relationship.

The Fellows have continued to meet with a focus on writing for publication. Cory Buxton, Dan Chazan, and Kate McNeill shared their expertise and perspectives on a number of publication-related topics that generated good conversation and set the stage for the Fellows' writing projects. Beginning in April, Fellows will focus on proposal writing, culminating in a mock review at the NSF in June.

Planning is underway for a 2016 DR K-12 PI meeting, most likely to be held in June. We'll be in touch soon to solicit ideas and recommendations for the meeting.


Barbara Brauner Berns
CADRE Principal Investigator


2015 Teaching & Learning Video Showcase

Network logoIn March, CADRE teamed up with NSF's resource centers, ARC, CAISE, CIRCLCS10KMSPnet, and STELAR, to offer projects the opportunity to showcase their work through the 2015 Teaching & Learning Video Showcase. Registration for the showcase ends April 3rd.

This interactive, virtual event will be held May 11-15. Even if you aren't contributing a video, we hope you will participate by viewing, commenting, and voting on your favorites! 

Please spread the word about the showcase to those interested in education. The videos may give you and your colleagues ideas about how to share your work through CADRE and other dissemination channels.

Learn more.

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Projects & People

New Resources on Early Career in STEM R&D

Since our last newsletter, CADRE has been expanding the Spotlight on Early Career in STEM Education R&D to include more resources. If you are applying for an NSF CAREER award, we recommend that you visit our spotlight to review the solicitation, FAQs, and related webinar and slides. In addition, CADRE is posting fellowships, internships, conferences, and other opportunities for CAREER awardees and early career researchers (see the Opportunities section of the Spotlight).

Mentoring Podcast & Videos
Want to learn more about mentoring? We recently sat down with Chris Rogers (Tufts University) and his former mentee Kristen Wendell (UMASS, Boston) to talk about mentorship and what worked well for them. Listen to a podcast of that conversation or view short videos featuring different mentoring topics, including: Building a Supportive Mentor-Mentee Relationship; Creating a Community of Learners; Finding the Right Mentors; Gauging What the Mentee Needs; Giving the Mentee Space to Learn; Mentoring Goals and Project Goals; and NSF Mentoring Plan.

CAREER Program Webinar Recording
This webinar provided an informational overview of NSF's CAREER prgram with perspectives from the NSF and PIs on active CAREER grants. Presenters included: Alicia Alonzo, Tina Grotzer, Karen King, and Gloriana González Rivera.

Still to Come: A Brief on Mentoring
A CADRE brief on mentoring is coming soon! In the meantime, please let us know if you have additional resources we should share with the DR K-12 community.

Visit the Spotlight on Early Career in STEM Education R&D.

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CADRE Fellows Update

2014-2015 Cohort
The Fellows have continued to explore different aspects of STEM education R&D. In January, Fellows explored non-academic career pathways with PIs from various research and development organizations. In February, the Fellows discussed academic publishing with DR K-12 PIs. They also researched potential journals, drafted manuscripts, and peer-reviewed each other's articles. In the spring, the Fellowship will wrap up with a focus on proposal writing, including interaction with two DR K-12 PIs who will share their experiences developing newly funded grants, and a May visit to the NSF for a mock proposal review and meetings with program officers.

Learn more about the CADRE Fellowship and this year's calendar of activities.

Fellowship Alumni
The CADRE Fellowship has been going strong for six years now. We recently caught up CADRE Fellow Alumniwith some of our alumni and added information to our website about their new professional roles, research interests, and their reflections on the CADRE Fellowship. A big thank you to Sara Rand and Jonathan Hertel who have served as “informal mentors” to current Fellows.

Find out where Fellowship alumni are now.

CADRE would also like to thank the following grantees for graciously sharing their time and expertise as part of the Fellowship programming: G. Michael Barnett, Malcolm Butler, Cory Buxton, Dan Chazan, Corey Drake, Lynn Goldsmith, Kate McNeill, Carlos Mejia Colindres, Jackie Miller, Steve Schneider, and Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde. Thank you in advance to Stamatis Vokos and Barbara Reys who will be sharing their proposals and expertise later this month!

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2014-15 Project Presentations, Websites, and Publications

Thank you to everyone who filled out CADRE's survey on recent publications, upcoming presentations, and project websites. We've compiled the results in Excel files (available below) as well as on cadrek12.org: publications have been added as searchable resources; DR K-12 awardees who are presenting have been listed on event pages in the calendar; and project websites have been added to project pages.

Attending conferences this month? Find upcoming presentations by DR K-12 grantees.
See what your colleagues have recently published
Check out these project web and social media sites.

Forget to send us information from your project? It's not too late! We continue to welcome and update this information throughout the year.

Share your project's websites, publications, and presentations by completing this survey.

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Newsbites from DR K-12 and NSF

We regularly solicit and share updates about DR K-12 projects, as well as our sister resource networks who serve other NSF funding programs (ARCCAISE,CIRCLMSPnet, and STELAR). In addition to disseminating this information on our website and social media, we are also excited to provide a digest of newsbites in our quarterly newsletters.

News from DR K-12 Projects

Want to share news from your project? Email cadre@edc.org.

News from NSF Networks

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Upcoming Publication Deadlines

Thinking of submitting a manuscript? Need help determining which journal is right for your work? CADRE offers a comprehensive list of publications for STEM educators, policymakers, and researchers. This index offers details about target audience, types of content, and peer review status of widely read publications in the field of education. For your convenience, it also links you directly to submission guidelines.  Most publications accept submissions on an ongoing basis, but below are a few deadlines that are approaching quickly that might be of particular interest for practitioners:

April 1, 2015

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s Educational Leadership (theme: Questioning for Learning – Sept. 2015)

April 18, 2015

  • National Science Teachers Association’s Science Scope(theme: New Tools for Data Collection and Sharing)

May 1, 2015

  • National Science Teachers Association’s Science Scope(theme: Interdisciplinary Projects – Oct. 2015)
  • National Science Teachers Association’s The Science Teacher(theme: New Tools for Data Collection and Sharing)
  • National Science Teachers Association’s Science and Children (theme: Earth’s Place in the Universe – Dec. 2015)
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s Educational Leadership (theme: Emotionally Healthy Kids – Oct. 2015)

June 1, 2015

  • National Science Teachers Association’s Science Scope(theme: Improving Critical Thinking)
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s Educational Leadership(theme: Doing Data Right – Nov. 2015)

Download the complete copy of the Publications for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers index.
The most up-to-date version of this index can always be found on the CADRE Event page under STEM Publications.

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If you want additional information on CADRE or have specific questions, please email cadre@edc.org. Join us on Facebook or Twitter to receive the latest news and information from CADRE.

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