Mechanisms Underlying the Relation between Mathematical Language and Mathematical Knowledge (NSF #1749294)

The focus of this project is to understand how learning mathematical language concepts impacts development of math skills. We developed a series of picture books focused on quantitative and spatial language concepts to use in intervention studies with preschool children to understand how child best learn different math skills.

Target Audience: 
Preschool Children from Families with Low Income
STEM Discipline(s): 
What Issue(s) in STEM Education is your Project Addressing?: 

The two main issues we’re addressing through this project are (1) how early math language skills impact the development of math skills broadly, and (2) how to test these mechanisms in methods that can be transformed into school-based interventions that are easy to implement for teachers. We’re using picture books with built-in dialogic reading prompts to naturally scaffold instruction across multiple readings. At the completion of the project, we’ll be working to make the books available in multiple formats so they are accessible to a broad range of schools and families.

What are your Findings?: 

At the moment, we are in the early stages of the project. During the first year we collaborated with a professional author and a profession illustrator, as well as educators and parents, to develop three picture books rich in spatial language. During this past year we were implementing the first year of intervention in schools and are currently addressing how to deal with implications of COVID-19 on the project.

David Purpura