Making an Impact Theme

We invite projects to consider the theme of Making an Impact  when designing session presentations and posters, and engaging in conversation at the 2016 DR K-12 PI Meeting.

DR K-12 awards are field-driven and represent a wide range of goals, methodologies, and deliverables. Each project design includes an approach for identifying and assessing impacts of proposed research or development efforts. Foci frequently include, but are not be limited to,

  • better understanding of or changes in student or teacher learning;
  • shifting pedagogies and instructional strategies;
  • implementation of new materials, technologies and resources;
  • changes in the conditions and larger context for education;
  • and/or various combinations.

To better understand how projects across the DR K-12 Program are making an impact, we invite projects to discuss approaches and findings related to the above foci and others. For instance, how have you defined and measured impacts, and what instruments have you developed or adapted for your particular project? How have you addressed broadening participation, and what have been the outcomes of your efforts? How do they involve partnerships, innovative collaborations, new types of relationships, increased use of technology, and other entrepreneurial efforts? What are your dissemination strategies, and how have you or do you plan to communicate your impacts to various stakeholders and audiences–from the start of your project through its evolution? What are your plans for and challenges with sustainability?

Note: The strand of your project  (assessment, learning, teaching), and the type of your project (exploratory, design and development, impact, implementation and improvement, conferences and syntheses) will influence if and how you address Making an Impact