Opportunities for Research Within the Data Science Education Community

Monday, June 26, 3:00–5:00pm ET

Hosts: Katherine Miller, The Concord Consortium; Seth Jones, Middle Tennessee State University; Kirsten Daehler, WestEd; David Weintrop, University of Maryland; and Chad Dorsey, The Concord Consortium

The goal of this workshop session is to invite early career researchers interested in data science education (DSE) into the DSE community. The session includes information on the state of the field; tools, curricula, and other resources for researchers; and insight into funding opportunities and proposal development. Participants explore topics, research interests, and problems of practice in more depth in breakout rooms with session leaders. Participants share nascent research ideas and receive feedback and mentoring. While all members of the DSE research community are welcome to attend, the session focuses on resources and support for those who are early in their research careers and seeking to build a career in studying and supporting DSE at all educational levels—but particularly at the K-12 level.

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