Career Pathways Resources

A collection of resources related to pursuing academic and non-academic careers.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Directories/National Fellowships
University of California, Berkeley | n.d.

Finding the Right Postdoc for Career Success
Tina Solvik, Inside Higher Ed | 2021

Minority Postdoc Resources and Opportunities
Minority Postdoc | n.d.

NPA Resource Library
National Postdoctoral Association | n.d.

Three Bad Reasons to Do a Postdoc
Karin Bodewits, Science | 2020

To Postdoc or Not?
Melanie V. Sinche, Inside Higher Ed | 2016

Top 10 Tips for Writing a Winning Postdoctoral Fellowship Application
Enago Academy | 2021

Transitioning From a Postdoc to a Tenure-Track Position
Stephen J. Aguilar, Inside Higher Ed | 2018

What to Do After PhD? – Pros and Cons of Pursuing Postdoc
Uttkarsha Bhosale, Enago Academy | 2021

Academic Careers

7 Hard Truths and a Few Lies: Truths About an Academic Career People Often Don't Share
Jennifer Snodgrass, Inside Higher Ed | 2021

10 Benefits of an Academic Career
Academic Positions | 2019

Academic Careers You May Not Have Considered
David A. McDonald, Inside Higher Ed | 2018

Considering a Career in Academia? Here Are Some (Observed) Realities
Christina Skorobohacz, Academic Matters | n.d.

‘Keep Your Options Open’: Postdocs Offer Advice on Academic-Research Careers
Chris Woolston, Nature | 2021

So You Want to Work at a Teaching College?
Jordan Cofer, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2017

Ten Reasons to Pursue an Academic Career
Master Academia | n.d.

Your Guide to Academic Careers (With Salaries and Duties)
Indeed Editorial Team | 2023

Working in Industry vs Academia: Which Is Right for You?
Shayna Joubert, Northeastern University | 2018

Non-Academic Careers

20 Transferable Skills for PhDs
Cheeky Scientist | 2016

63 Best Industry Positions For PhDs
Cheeky Scientist | n.d.

An Academic’s Guide to Getting a Non-Academic Job
Philip E. Wolgin, Medium | 2018

Assessing an Organization’s Culture
Yale University | n.d.

Careers in Education for the STEM Graduate Students and Postdocs
Duke University | 2017

Leaving Academia? How to Sell Yourself to New Employers
Pam Denicolo, Julie Reeves, and Dawn Duke, The Guardian | 2014

The Sweet Spot of a Nonacademic Job Search
Alexandra M. Lord, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2012

Why It Is Not a 'Failure' to Leave Academia
Philipp Kruger, Nature | 2018

The Job Search

Academic Job Applications: Five Mistakes to Avoid
Steve Joy, The Gudarian | 2015

Academic Job Postings
Academic Careers | n.d.

An Overview of the Faculty Job Application Process
Academic Positions | 2019

Applying for an Academic Position in the US: The Basics Explained
Angela Douglas, Times Higher Education | 2022

Behind the Scenes with the Search Committee: The Academic Application Process
Duke University | 2017

Chronicle Jobs
The Chronicle of Higher Education | n.d.

Do You Fit Us?
The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2016

Finding Fit
Cheryl E. Ball, Inside Higher Ed | 2013

From PhD to Professor: Advice for Landing Your First Academic Position
Johanna Greeson, The Muse | 2020

Higher Education Job Postings
HigherEdJobs | n.d.

How to Jump-Start Your Industry Job Search
Jennifer S. Furlong and Stacy M. Hartman, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2023

I Found a Tenure-Track Job. Here’s What it Took
Jeremy Yoder, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2017

Maximize Your Chances of Landing a Faculty Job
Elisabeth Pain, Science | 2013

Social-Impact Jobs
Idealist | n.d.

The Hiring Process from the Other Side
University of California, Berkeley | n.d.

Top 10 Nonprofit Job Hunting Tips
Bridgespan Group | 2016

Typical Job Search Timelines
University of Virginia | n.d.

Application Materials


Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV) Example and Writing Tips
University of Arizona | 2022

Academic CV (Curriculum Vitae) for Research: CV Examples
Wordvice | 2022

Academic CV and Professional Resume Writing
University of California, San Diego | n.d.

Converting a Curriculum Vitae to Resume
University of California, Davis | 2021

CVs for Faculty Job Applications
University of Pennsylvania | n.d.

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Academic CV
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In | Continually updated

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

5 Don'ts in Writing Your DEI Statement
Manya Whitaker, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2020

Developing and Writing a Diversity Statement
Sara L. Beck, Vanderbilt University | 2018

Diversity Statements: What to Avoid and What to Include
Pardis Mahdavi and Scott Brooks, Times Higher Education | 2021

Sample Rubric for Assessing Candidate Contributions to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
University of California, Berkeley | n.d.

The Effective Diversity Statement
Tanya Golash-Boza, Inside Higher Ed | 2016

Research Statement

Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Research Statement
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In | 2016

The Purpose of a Research Statement
University of Pennsylvania | n.d.

Teaching Statement

Statement of Teaching Philosophy
University of Toronto | n.d.

Teaching Statements
Vanderbilt University | n.d.

The Dreaded Teaching Statement: Eight Pitfalls
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In | 2016

The Interview

A Candidate’s Guide to Today’s Job Interviews
Jennifer S. Furlong and Stacy M. Hartman, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2023

Common Academic Interview Questions
University of Connecticut | 2014

The Inverse Interview
Elizabeth H. Simmons, Inside Higher Ed | 2014

Worried About Academic Interviews? Here’s How to Handle Tricky Questions
Steve Joy, The Guardian | 2014

Phone/Virtual Interviews

Job Interviews by Phone and Video
Georgetown University | n.d.

Tips for Successful Screening Interviews
Gaeun Seo, Inside Higher Ed | 2021

Campus Interviews

Interviewing for Academic Jobs
University of California, San Francisco | n.d.

The Job Talk

Academic Careers: Job Talks
University of Washington | n.d.

Dr. Karen’s (Partial) Rules of the Job Talk
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In | 2012

How to Give an Effective Job Talk
Sharon Milgram, National Institutes of Health | 2008

The Academic Job Talk
John Eadie, University of California, Davis | n.d.

Why Your Job Talk Sucks
Kel Weinhold, The Professor Is In | 2016


Negotiating the Academic Job Offer
Duke University | 2017

Negotiation Guide for Graduate Students & Postdocs
University of Pennsylvania | 2022

Getting Started

10 Survival Tips for New Professors
Benjamin Pacini, Inside Higher Ed | 2024

Doing Research at a Teaching-Focused College
Hollis Phelps, Inside Higher Ed | 2013

Faculty Research Success on a Shoestring
Aubrey Westfall and Dana M. Polanichka, Inside Higher Ed | 2022

How to Advocate for Yourself as an Early-Career Scholar
Manya Whitaker, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2018

How to Progress in Your Academic Career
Times Higher Education | n.d.

Pre-Tenure Leadership
Elizabeth H. Simmons, Inside Higher Ed | 2013

Strive for Work-Life Effectiveness, Rather than Balance
Kimberly Maul, Idealist | 2013

When Do You Stop Being an Early-Career Scholar?
Manya Whitaker, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2018

You Are Not Prepared: Some Advice I've Received on How to Be a Professor
Sauvok Das, Medium | 2017


Ask the Right Questions
Rena Seltzer, Insider Higher Ed | 2015

How to Be Strategic on the Tenure Track
Manya Whitaker, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2018

Thinking About Tenure and Promotion: Advice from Tenured Faculty
Lindsay Fallon, Society for the Study of School Psychology | 2023