New DR K-12 Preschool App Released!

This series of preschool apps was developed by the Next Generation Preschool Math (NGPM) project, funded by the NSF DRK-12 program. The free preschool math games are now available through Apple's Itune store:

All the games Gracie & Friends City Skate, Gracie & Friends Birthday Cafe, Gracie & Friends Treasure Bubble, Gracie & Friends Jungle Gym and Gracie & Friends Lemonade Stand are designed for children to subitize. Subitizing is looking at a group of objects and instantly recognizing how many objects are in the group without having to take the time to count. It is an important skill that helps develop number sense and prepare children for mental math.

The project's goal is to have as many people download the game (its free) as possible, so that Apple will promote its work so please download the game, post the link facebook/twitter, and share with those who have preschool age children!

You can find links to the press release, game, and a plethora of other information about the project below: