Meet our 2018-19 CADRE Fellows!

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Fellows! CADRE is pleased to announce the new cohort.

  • Courtney P. Benjamin, Washington State University (Nominating PI: Paula Groves Price)
  • Patricia M. Buenrostro, Vanderbilt University (Nominating PI: Ilana Horn)
  • James P. Bywater, University of Virginia (Nominating PI: Jennifer Chiu)
  • Carlson H. Coogler, University of Alabama (Nominating Co-PI: Jonathan Shemwell)
  • Christa Haverly, Michigan State University (Nominating Co-PI: Amelia Gotwals)
  • Ashley D. Scroggins, University of Colorado Boulder (Nominating PI: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann)
  • Matthew Taylor, University of Central Florida (Nominating Co-PI: Lisa Dieker)
  • Mavreen Rose S. Tuvilla, Purdue University (Nominating PI: Minjung Ryu)
  • Korah Wiley, University of California, Berkeley (Nominating PI: Marcia Linn)
  • Wenmin Zhao, University of Missouri-Columbia (Nominating PI: Zandra de Araujo)

The Fellows program will begin with an in-person orientation, followed by online meetings and activities with NSF program directors, Fellows alumni, and DRK-12 awardees to learn more about NSF, career options, publishing, and funding.