Increasing Access to Engineering Practices in the Middle Grades

CADRE and DRK-12 colleagues will lead a session on engineering education at the 2020 NSTA Conference in Boston, MA.  


  • Jennie Chiu, University of Virginia
  • Catherine McCulloch, Education Development Center, Inc. (Presider)
  • Angela Calabrese Barton, Michigan State University
  • Edna Tan, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Vikram Kapila, New York University

Session Abstract:
In this workshop, participants will learn about, experience, and discuss three evidence-based approaches--through robotics, simulations, and community connections--to engaging middle grades students in engineering. During demonstrations, leaders of National Science Foundation-sponsored research projects will share curricula, teacher supports, and innovative technologies designed to engage ALL students (including those underrepresented in STEM) in science, mathematics, and engineering concepts, content, and practices. In small groups, presenters and participants will discuss successes and challenges to broadening access, participation, and engagement in engineering. Participants will be given access to research, NGSS-aligned lessons, and other resources to support their instruction and student learning.