EvaluATE Webinar Opportunity

The retrospective pre-post self-assessment method for evaluating training and professional development effectiveness prompts participants to rate their knowledge and ability related to training content before and after a training activity. This is a great tool to use for evaluating training effectiveness. The participant does the self-assessment one time at the end of the training rather than both at the beginning and the end. This approach provides a sound and consistent measure of participant growth that can be used across training activities. Adult learners tend to be more accepting of this assessment method than traditional knowledge tests, and it eliminates the threat of response-shift bias associated with traditional pre-post self-assessments.

Webinar participants will learn how to:

  1. Design retrospective pre-post self-assessment questions that are aligned to learning objectives.
  2. Analyze and report data gathered using this method.
  3. Use the evaluation data for training accountability, improvement, and planning.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 1:00:00 PM EST - 2:30:00 PM EST