Call for 2018 STEM For All Video Showcase Facilitators

Would you like to be a facilitator for the 2018 STEM For All Videoshowcase? If interested, contact Learn more below.

The role of the facilitator: Groups of three facilitators are assigned to 12-14 videos. The job of each facilitator is to seed conversations and set a productive tone for collegial discourse. If you accept, you will be asked to post queries and comments to each of the 12-14 videos in your group, early in the event. You might ask a clarifying question or post a comment that would invite not only the presenters, but also other visitors to the event to post. In addition, each facilitator will rate each presentation in their group on a simple online rubric to judge quality. Your score will help to select those presentations recognized as “Facilitators’ Choice.” Those chosen as “Facilitators’ Choice” will be recognized online at the end of the event. (For more information, visit the Facilitator FAQs to see the rubric: ). We anticipate that you will spend about five hours during first five-days of the event.

The event schedule for facilitators is as follows:

May 14-15 (Days 1-2): Facilitators will log in to the event site ( ) to watch videos and post queries and comments to presentations in their assigned group (around 10-12 videos). It is important that these comments are made in these first days of the event to encourage other event participants to engage and post their comments as well. This can be done at any time of day.

May 16-18 (Days 3-5): Facilitators will continue to browse presentations and provide replies to comments made early in the event. Facilitators will score each presentation on the online rubric that is seamlessly integrated into the online platform by noon on Friday (Day 5). Event organizers will tally facilitator ratings to determine "Facilitators' Choice" awards for this showcase. These presentations will be recognized on the event website and shared with the different resource communities.