Annual Survey of the DRK-12 Portfolio

CADRE, the NSF resource network for the DRK-12 program, is conducting an annual survey of active awards to:

  • characterize the research and development being conducted in the DRK-12 portfolio,
  • identify areas of emphasis and opportunity for future research,
  • help active awardees situate their work in the larger landscape of the portfolio, as well as
  • disseminate information about your project and the portfolio to NSF, prospective awardees, and other stakeholders.

The survey was emailed to the PI of the project on March 17. Check your inboxes! Responses are appreciated by Thursday, March 31.

 Suggestions & Helpful Resources

  • Collaborative Research projects should coordinate across awards to decide whether to submit one or multiple surveys to represent their work.
  • Use the Google Doc template that was emailed to you to edit your responses prior to entering them into the survey. This also allows future access to your responses which may be helpful if you want to use or adapt the information for other purposes (e.g., reports to NSF).
  • The following project documents, if available, may be helpful if you choose to adapt or copy/paste text for your responses:
    • Project proposal
    • Annual, interim reports to NSF
    • Publications and/or presentations that include research findings
    • Evaluation reports
  • Prior to submitting, you may leave and return to the survey at any time to continue editing your responses. After submitting, you will not be able to make further changes.

CADRE looks forward to learning more about your ongoing work and sharing our findings from across the portfolio with you. Please email with any questions about the survey or how we will use these data.