Announcing the 2017-18 CADRE Fellows!

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Fellows! They are:

  • Portia Botchway, Vanderbilt University (PI: Rich Lehrer)
  • Shondricka Burrell, Temple University (PI: Doug Lombardi)
  • Santiago Gasca, TERC (Co-PI: Judy Storeygard)
  • Salvador Huitzilopochtli, University of California, Santa Cruz (PI: Trish Stoddart)
  • Jenifer Hummer, University of Delaware (PI: Michelle Cirillo)
  • Josie Melton, Western Washington University (Co-PI: Chris Ohana)
  • Rachelle Minor, Auburn University (PI: Jakita Thomas)
  • Jen Tennison, Saint Louis University (PI: Jenna Gorlewicz)
  • Brianna Tomlinson, Georgia Institute of Technology (PI: Emily Moore)
  • Gabriela Vargas, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (PI: Gloriana González)

The Fellowship will begin with an in-person orientation at EDC in Waltham, MA, on November 16-17, 2017. Over the course of the two days, Fellows will learn more about CADRE and DR K-12; discuss their career trajectories and share research interests and professional goals; present their DR K-12 work; participate in panel discussions with Fellows alumni and local PIs; and plan for the upcoming Fellowship year.

Learn more about the CADRE Fellowship