Announcing the 2016-17 CADRE Fellows!

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Fellows! CADRE is proud to announce the ten new Fellows accepted to the program in October. They are:

  • Kyle Cox, University of Cincinnati (PI: Benjamin Kelcey)
  • Kim Frumin, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Co-PI: Chris Dede)
  • Dora Kastel, American Museum of Natural History (Co-PI: Suzanne Wilson)
  • Gladys Krause, The University of Texas at Austin (PI: Susan Empson)
  • Kelsey Lipsitz, University of Missouri (PI: Deborah Hanuscin)
  • Lindsey Mann, University of Michigan (PI: Deborah Ball)
  • Katie Schenkel, Michigan State University (PI: Angela Calabrese Barton)
  • Tina Vo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PI: Cory Forbes)
  • Megan Wongkamalasai, Vanderbilt University (PI: Richard Lehrer)
  • Robert Zisk, Rutgers University (PI: Drew Gitomer)

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The Fellowship will begin with an in-person orientation at EDC in Waltham, MA on November 16 and 17, 2016. Over the course of the two days, Fellows will learn more about CADRE and DR K-12 as well as other NSF programs and resource networks; discuss their career trajectories and share research interests and professional goals; present their DR K-12 work; participate in panel discussions with local Fellows alumni and PIs; and plan for the upcoming Fellowship year.

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