AERA Lifetime Achievement Award Deadline Extended

The deadline for nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award to be given at the AERA Annual Meeting in 2015 has been extended until December 8.  Materials are due to Jim Spillane, chair of the committee, via email:  (See below for more information about brief nomination process.)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Rationale: The award will recognize a lifetime of achievement in educational policy research.  The field of educational policy research has generated a number of excellent researchers who deserve broad recognition.  The award will be offered every other year and will alternate with the Early Career Award.  
Selection/Eligibility: In selecting a winner, the criteria to be considered will be the quality and impact of the candidate’s work over a lifetime.  
Nomination Process: To nominate a candidate, there must be a nominating letter and two supporting letters.  These letters should describe the candidate’s contributions to the field of educational policy over the course of the candidate’s career.  They should describe the quality of the research, including--as appropriate--its rigor, insight, contribution to policy, and/or contribution to policy or policy debates.  Nominations should be received by Jim Spillane Put Division L Lifetime Achievement Award in the subject line.  Other members of the committee include: Adam Gamoran, Amanda Datnow, Sue Dynarski, and Gerardo Lopez.
Review/Selection Process: The chair for the Lifetime Achievement Subcommittee and the four  additional members will review nominated reports and make the final award.  Members of the Lifetime Achievement Subcommittee will be selected to ensure that there is no conflict of interest and that representation of a wide range of Division members and educational constituencies is assured. Each committee member reviews the packages of letters for all candidates.  By individual ballot, each committee member will make a global ranking of the nominated candidates with the top report receiving a “1”.  After reviewing and sharing the ranks to the committee members, the chair will schedule a conference call to discuss the rankings to reach a consensus on the awardee.  Awards will only be made when at least one candidate is of sufficiently high quality as to deserve this recognition.