AEA MSI Fellowship Application Deadline 9/22

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Minority Serving Institution Fellowship  | DEADLINE: September 22, 2015 

Are you a faculty member from a group traditionally under-represented in the applied social sciences? Are you looking for an opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities, expand your professional network, and improve your knowledge and understanding of topics related to evaluation, assessment, and applied research?

The American Evaluation Association (AEA) is now seeking applications from those interested in participating in the 2015-2016 Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Faculty Initiative. This initiative will bring a cohort of faculty from MSIs together throughout the 2015-20116 academic year and into the fall of 2016 to participate in webinars, the AEA/CDC Summer Evaluation Workshop Series, and the AEA annual conference. 

Program Purpose: The overall purpose of the initiative is to increase the participation of evaluators and academics from underrepresented groups in the profession of evaluation and in the American Evaluation Association. The MSI Faculty Initiative identifies this group of potential and practicing evaluators by drawing from faculty at MSIs. The program focuses on:

  • Broadening their understanding of evaluation as a profession; and
  • Strengthening their knowledge of evaluation theory and methods through workshops, webinars, mentoring and experiential projects.

Program Goals: The goals of the program are to help faculty at MSIs to:

1. Enhance the evaluation activities and/or curriculum in their departments or universities

2. Orient students to evaluation as a career/profession

3. Disseminate information about evaluation and AEA to colleagues; and

4. Expand their knowledge of evaluation.

Program Components: The MSI faculty is expected to participate in the following programmatic components (exact dates are subject to change):

  • Orientation via webinar/conference call
  • Webinar-based Experts Exchange with leaders in teaching evaluation approximately monthly
  • Monthly teleconference for reporting on individual initiatives and collaboration, peer support.
  • Attendance and participation in the AEA/CDC Summer Evaluation Professional Development Institute 
  • Participation in either individual or a group/cohort culminating evaluation exercise
  • Webinar-based summer training debrief/focus group after Summer training
  • Attendance and participation at AEA's annual conference including networking opportunities and specialized training and opportunities for the MSI faculty group as a culminating activity in October of 2016. 
  • Webinar-based Conference debrief/focus group in late November
  • Ongoing access to resources through a specialized webpage
  • Ongoing affiliation to the American Evaluation Association
  • Ongoing affiliation to an AEA local affiliate if present in the region

Financial Support: The following financial support is provided to those participating in the MSI Faculty Initiative

  • Registration fee waiver to AEA annual conference and workshops
  • Registration fee waiver to Summer Evaluation Professional Development Institute
  • For those not local to the Atlanta area, airfare and hotel while at the annual conference (Evaluation 2016)
  • For those not local to the Atlanta area, airfare and hotel while at the Summer Institute professional development series

Eligibility Requirements: To be considered for the AEA MSI Faculty Initiative, applicants must:

1. Be a full-time faculty member at a Minority Serving Institution within the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

2. Have a course assignment that includes the teaching of an evaluation and/or research methods course within one's academic department,

3. Teach in the education, social/behavioral sciences, physical/natural sciences, or business or non-profit administration,

4. Demonstrate interest (through a written essay) in learning more about evaluation theory, methods, and the profession as well as a commitment to integrating new learning from initiative participation within your class structure,

5. Demonstrate commitment to program participation and completion, including submission of a brief final report on your plans and progress toward enhancing your research and/or evaluation courses.

6. Propose and deliver a final "product" demonstrative of the benefit of participation and contributing to the profession and AEA (e.g. presentation, publication, teaching materials, modules, etc.).

7. Provide a letter of support from the appropriate Department Chair or Dean.

Click here to apply this year's MSI Fellowship. All materials must by received by Zachary Grays at the AEA offices on or before September 22, 2015.

Want to learn more about the MSI Fellowship? Contact MSI Coordinator Art Hernandez via