2010 CADRE Fellows Announced!

The CADRE Fellowship, now in its second year, is a capacity building experience for early career researchers and developers to gain exposure to STEM education research and researchers working beyond the Fellow’s particular project and institution, network with colleagues from across the country,  and gain insights into NSF and what it takes to be successful and effective in this work. This year’s Fellows include 10 early career professionals representing 10 different DR K-12 projects and with diverse interests and experiences within STEM education research and development. Throughout the year, they will attend the 2010 DR K-12 PI Meeting held December 1-3 in Washington, D.C., participate in a series of calls on topics related to career development, and continue to engage in the DR K-12 community in a variety of ways, including special interest groups.


Meet our new Fellows:

·         Irving Brown

Texas A & M University

Preservice Teachers Knowledge for Teaching Algebra for Equity in the Middle Grades

PI: Gerald Kulm


·         Jennifer Hope

University of Missouri, St. Louis

Science Literacy through Science Journalism (SciJourn)

PI: Joseph Polman


·         Casey Hord

Purdue University

Nurturing Multiplicative Reasoning in Students with Learning Disabilities in a Computerized Conceptual-Modeling

PI: Yan Ping Xin


·         Mario Martinez-Garza

Vanderbilt University

Scaffolding Understanding by Redesigning Games for Education (SURGE)

PI: Doug Clark


·         Camillia Faye Matuk

University of California, Berkeley

Visualizing to Integrate Science Understanding for All Learners (VISUAL)

PI: Marcia Linn


·         Jamie Mikesha

Michigan State University (MI)

Learning Science as Inquiry with the Urban Advantage: Formal-Informal Collaborations to Increase Science Literacy and Student Learning

PI: James Short


·         Uma Natarajan

Temple University

SAVE Science: Situated Assessment Using Virtual Environment for Science Content and Inquiry

PI: Diane Jass Ketelhut


·         Vishakha Parvate

KCP Technologies

Data Games: Tools and Materials for Learning Data Modeling

PI: William Finzer


·         Jessica Tybursky

New York University

Teachers’ Use of Standards‐based Instructional Materials

PI: Karen King


·         Chao Wang

University of Colorado, Boulder

Design and Use of Illustrations in Test Items as a Form of Testing Accommodation for English Language Learners in Science Assessment

PI: Guillermo Solano-Flores