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Survey | More Information About You
Now that you have completed your application for the CADRE Fellows program, we would like to ask you a few questions. The information you provide here is anonymous and will not impact your application. This information is being collected to help inform CADRE’s early career initiatives and broader project outreach efforts, and will be used in our annual reporting to NSF. Your individual...
Posted: Wednesday, September 09
Organization | Towson University
Posted: Thursday, September 03
Announcement | Join us for the Multiplex Theme of the Month
CADRE is pleased to have organized September's Theme of the Month on the STEM for All Multiplex focused on Leveraging Authentic Data Across STEM Curricula. Join our expert panel—Randy Kochevar (moderator), Chad Dorsey, Margo Murphy, Suyen Machado, and Andee Rubin—for a webinar on September 17 at 3 PM ET (Register here). Read a related blog, watch a playlist of videos on this topic, explore...
Posted: Wednesday, September 02
Announcement | New FAQs on PAPPG 20-1
NSF has released a new set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on proposal preparation and award administration related to NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 20-1).
Posted: Monday, August 31
Posted: Tuesday, August 25
Event | HBCU Research Infrastructure for Science and Engineering (HBCU-RISE) Letter of Intent Deadline
Learn more at https://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=6668&org=EHR&sel_org=EH...
Posted: Monday, August 24
Event | Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) Full Proposal Deadline
Learn more at https://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=6668&org=EHR&sel_org=EH...
Posted: Monday, August 24
Event | Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Full Proposal Deadline
Learn more at https://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=13646
Posted: Monday, August 24
Event | Computer Science for All (CSforAll: Research and RPPs) Full Proposal Deadline
Learn more at https://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=505359
Posted: Monday, August 24
Posted: Monday, August 24
Early Career News | Acting with Epistemic Agency: Characterizing Student Critique During Argumentation Discussions
María González‐Howard (CAREER Awardee; 2015-16 CADRE Fellow) published this Science Education article with co-author Katherine L. McNeill.
Posted: Friday, August 21
Early Career News | The Role of Balance Scales in Supporting Productive Thinking about Equations Among Diverse Learners
Ana Stephens, Yewon Sung, Susanne Strachota, Ranza Veltri Torres, Karisma Morton (2018 CADRE Postdoc), Angela Murphy Gardiner, Maria Blanton, Eric Knuth, and Rena Stroud published this article in Mathematical Thinking and Learning.
Posted: Friday, August 21
Early Career News | Complex Influences of Mechanistic Knowledge, Worldview, and Quantitative Reasoning on Climate Change Discourse: Evidence for Ideologically Motivated Reasoning Among Youth
Lynne Zummo, Brian Donovan, and K. C. Busch (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.
Posted: Friday, August 21
Early Career News | Reframing Organizational Contexts from Barriers to Levers for Teacher Learning in Science Education Reform
Carrie D. Allen (2014-15 CADRE Fellow) published this Journal of Science Teacher Education article with co-author Sara C. Heredia.
Posted: Friday, August 21
Resource | Characterizing Science Classroom Discourse Across Scales
Sandoval, W. A., Kawasaki, J., & Clark, H. F. (2020). Characterizing science classroom discourse across scales. Research in Science Education.
Posted: Friday, August 21
Resource | The Role of Balance Scales in Supporting Productive Thinking about Equations Among Diverse Learners
This research focuses on ways in which balance scales mediate students’ relational understandings of the equal sign. Participants included 21 Kindergarten–Grade 2 students who took part in an early algebra classroom intervention focused in part on developing a relational understanding of the equal sign through the use of balance scales. Students participated in pre-, mid- and post-intervention...
Posted: Friday, August 21
Resource | Teachers’ Abilities to Make Sense of Variable Parts Reasoning
The purpose of this study was to investigate how teachers understand one specific aspect of proportional reasoning. We were interested in understanding the extent to which practicing teachers were able to make sense of reasoning that involved the fixed number of variable-sized parts perspective. We used two items, drawn from a larger dataset, that encouraged teachers to reason about proportional...
Posted: Friday, August 21
Project Spotlight | Analyzing & Interpreting Data Across STEM Disciplines
The demand for data skills is growing across industries and disciplines. Understanding how to analyze and interpret data will not only be critical for students as they enter the workforce, but also as they grapple with complex issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or climate change. This Spotlight features 16 DRK-12 projects that are building students' data skills through research and innovative...
Posted: Thursday, August 20
Resource | Different Ways to Implement Innovative Teaching Approaches at Scale
Maass, K., Cobb, P., Krainer, K., & Potari, D. (2019). Different ways to implement innovative teaching approaches at scale. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 102, 303-318.
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Resource | Efficacy of a First-Grade Mathematics Intervention on Measurement and Data Analysis
Well-designed mathematics instruction focused on concepts and problem-solving skills associated with measurement and data analysis can build a foundational understanding for more advanced mathematics. This study investigated the efficacy of the Precision Mathematics Level 1 (PM-L1) intervention, a Tier 2 print- and technology-based mathematics intervention designed to increase first-grade...
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Resource | Applying the Curriculum Research Framework in the Design and Development of a Technology-Based Tier 2 Mathematics Intervention
Mathematics interventions aimed at accelerating the learning of students with mathematics difficulties (MD) should be developed through a design science approach such as the Curriculum Research Framework (CRF). Precision Mathematics is a National Science Foundation-funded DRK–12 Design and Development project focused on building mathematical proficiency with the critical concepts and problem-...
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Resource | Engaging Students with Non-routine Geometry Proof Tasks
Students who earned high marks during the proof semester of a geometry course were interviewed to understand what high-achieving students actually took away from the treatment of proof in geometry. The findings suggest that students had turned proving into a rote task, whereby they expected to mark a diagram and prove two triangles congruent. Cirillo, M. (2018). Engaging students with non-routine...
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Resource | Describing Curricular Materials for Mathematics Teacher Education in an Online, Rich Media Platform
This chapter explores a way of describing the teacher education curricular materials being developed by mathematics teacher educators through their interaction with the LessonSketch online platform (www.lessonsketch.org). We briefly describe the platform and the larger project and then using the experiences created by two fellows illustrate the kinds of materials being created by the teacher...
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Resource | The Price of Nice: How Good Intentions Maintain Educational Inequity
Being nice is difficult to critique. Niceness is almost always portrayed and felt as a positive quality. In schools, nice teachers are popular among students, parents, and administrators. And yet Niceness, as a distinct set of practices and discourses, is not actually good for individuals, institutions, or communities because of the way it maintains and reinforces educational inequity. In The...
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Resource | The Anthropology of Educational Policy: Ethnographic Inquiries into Policy as Sociocultural Practice
Advancing a rapidly growing field of social science inquiry—the anthropology of policy—this volume extends and solidifies this body of work, focusing on education policy. Its goal is to examine timely issues in education policy from a critical anthropological, ethnographic, and comparative perspective, and through this to theorize new ways of understanding how policy "does its work." At the...
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Posted: Wednesday, August 19
Organization | Ryerson University
Posted: Tuesday, August 18
Event | Sustainability: Partnering to Implement Systems Change
The NSF INCLUDES Coordination Hub is excited to have presenters Kerstin Tebbe, Founder of Collective Mind and Terri Akey, Director of ORS Impact talk about Sustainability: Partnering to Implement Systems Change on Thursday, August 20, from 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET.  Sustainability is tied to one of NSF’s five design elements of Collaborative Infrastructure (expansion, sustainability, and scale) and in...
Posted: Monday, August 17
Project | Professional Development to Support an Elementary School Science and Integrated Language Curriculum
To help address the need for science classrooms that support language learning for all students, this project will rigorously study the Science and Integrated Language (SAIL) curriculum, a year-long fifth-grade curriculum aligned to current science curriculum standards with a focus on English learners.
Posted: Friday, August 14
Resource | “You are Never too Little to Understand Your Culture”: Strengthening Early Childhood Teachers through the Diné Institute for Navajo Nation Educators
There is international and widespread recognition that early childhood education must be fully inclusive and based on the language, culture, and epistemology of local Indigenous communities (Kitson, 2010). Early childhood education (ECE) programs can only deliver on the promises ofculturally responsive schooling (Castagno & Brayboy, 2008; McCarty & Lee, 2014) when “staff members...
Posted: Friday, August 14