9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences

Event Date: 
Tue, 06/29/2010 (All day) to Fri, 07/02/2010 (All day)

The ICLS 2010 conference theme, Learning in the Disciplines, invites you to explore the ways disciplinary perspectives can inform the study of learning in educational settings, workplaces, and other contexts. This conference will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines with researchers in the sciences of learning, instruction, and design. These diverse perspectives will be brought together to address questions of how we can better understand and improve learning.

For more information, go to the event website: http://www.isls.org/icls2010/


DR K-12 presenters include:

Valerie Otero, PI of The Learning Assistant Model of Teacher Education in Science and Technology project presents “Science learning as the objectification of discourse.” Keywords: Science, Elementary School, Higher Education, Classroom Practice, Disciplinary Content Knowledge, Discourse, Pedagogical Content Knowledge 


Katherine McNeill, PI of Supporting Grade 5-8 Students in Writing Scientific Explanations project presents “Teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge of students’ science writing and talk.” Keywords: Science, Elementary School, Middle School 


Joseph Polman, PI of Science Literacy through Science Journalism project presents “A cognitive apprenticeship for science literacy based on journalism.” Keywords: Science, High School, Assessment, Classroom Practice, Curriculum, Disciplinary Content Knowledge, Discourse, Implementation, Pedagogy, Professional Development, Standards