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Spotlight on the NSF Teaching & Learning Video Showcase
Want to know what’s happening in the world of STEM education research? Visit the showcase to view 112 short videos featuring NSF-funded work.

Spotlight on Early Career in STEM Education R&D
Our newest spotlight features resources for self-identified early career professionals who work in STEM education research & development.

Spotlight on Early Childhood Education
Our newest spotlight features NSF-funded projects and resources that seek to leverage early STEM learning opportunities.

Spotlight on Stories and Perspectives
Why is story such a powerful tool in the classroom? Listen to our podcast and view accompanying resources.

Spotlight on Games & Simulations
This spotlight provides examples of NSF-funded programs that show promise for advancing the fields of gaming and simulations in STEM education.

Spotlight on Engineering
Featuring a poster hall, targeted study, workshop resources and a brief on engineering, this spotlight provides examples of NSF-funded programs that show promise for the education of future generations of scientifically literate and engineering-talented adults.

NGSS and the Environmental & Earth Sciences
In this spotlight, seven environmental and Earth Science DR K-12 projects illustrate how the three dimensions identified in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can be applied to education materials and lesson plans in an integrated way. 

Spotlight on Formative Assessment
This spotlight features an interactive, online inventory of DR K-12 projects that have proposed to work on formative assessment (FA) issues and products.

New Measurement Paradigms
The purpose of this collection of papers is to describe and illustrate the use of several measurement methods employed to achieve this: Knowledge Specification, Item Response Theory, Machine-Learning Methods, and Educational Data Mining. 

Spotlight on ELL
On July 22, 2011, representatives from three DR K-12 projects joined CADRE staff for a conference call to collectively discuss their work with ELLs, the challenges associated with work in this area, dissemination strategies, and advice for those new to the field. In CADRE’s project spotlight on ELL, we invite you to listen in!

Project Spotlight: Middle School Mathematics and the Institutional Setting of Teaching (MIST)
The MIST project investigates how changes in the school and district settings in which mathematics teachers work influence their instructional practices, students' learning opportunities, and student achievement. The project is also developing instruments and methods for analyzing data to document the institutional setting of mathematics teaching that are specific to equity and access for all middle school students to high quality mathematics instruction.

Project Spotlight: Scientific Literacy through Science Journalism (SciJourn)
The SciJourn project investigates the teaching of science journalism as a vehicle for improving high school students' scientific literacy and engagement. The project brings St. Louis area youth into a real newsroom environment as they produce original content for both print and online versions of the newspaper SciJourner: Teens Engaging Science through Journalism.

Project Spotlight: Math Snacks - Addressing Gaps in Conceptual Mathematics Understanding with Innovative Media The Math Snacks project is developing and evaluating the effectiveness of 15 - 20 short computer mediated animations and games that are designed to: (1) increase students' conceptual understanding in especially problematic topics of middle grades mathematics; and (2) increase students' mathematics process skills with a focus on capabilities to think and talk mathematically.