Jessaca Spybrook


About Me (Bio): 
Jessaca Spybrook is a professor in the Evaluation, Measurement, and Research Program at Western Michigan University. Her research focuses on improving the quality of the designs of group randomized trials in education. She co-authored the software and documentation for Optimal Design Plus, a program that assists research in planning adequately powered trials. Her work has been supported by federal agencies, such as IES and NSF, and by foundations, including the William T. Grant Foundation. In 2010, she was awarded a National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship. Spybrook earned her master’s in Applied Statistics and PhD in Education from the University of Michigan. Prior to attending graduate school, she was a seventh-grade mathematics teacher.
Citations of DRK-12 or Related Work (DRK-12 work is denoted by *): 
  • Kelcey, B., Spybrook, J., Dong, N., & Bai, F. (in press). Experimental Power for Cross-Level Mediation in School-Randomized Studies of Teacher Development. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.*
  • Kelcey, B., Cox, K., & Dong, N. (in press). Croon’s Bias-Corrected Factor Score Path Analysis for Multilevel Structural Equation Models. Organizational Research Methods.*
  • Kelcey, B., Spybrook, J., & Dong, N. (2019). Sample Size Planning in Cluster-randomized Studies of Multilevel Mediation. Prevention Science, 20, 407-418.*
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