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Jennifer Stiles
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Project Coordinator
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Jennifer Stiles is the project coordinator for CADRE and the MSP-funded Research + Practice Collaboratory. As part of CADRE, her work focuses mainly on the project's broadening participation and early career initiatives, which includes supporting STEM education researchers and developers as part of the CADRE Fellows program. She is the author of the CADRE briefs, "Partnership Building as a Broadening-Participation Strategy: Helping Researchers and Developers Bridge the Gaps in STEM Education" and "CADRE Tips for Mentoring Early Career STEM Education Researchers and Developers." Her time on the Research + Practice Collaboratory is devoted primarily to qualitative data analysis and resource development related to bridging the gap between research and practice around the use of mobile technologies in early math classrooms. She is the author of the Research + Practice Collaboratory brief, "Supporting Mathematical Discourse in the Early Grades." Jennifer first became involved in the field of education during her Peace Corps service in Bulgaria. Prior to joining EDC, she worked as part of the e‐learning team at Human Rights Education Associates in Cambridge, MA. In addition to her work at EDC, she serves as the Boston-area representative for the Human Rights Educators USA network. She has a B.A. from West Virginia University and an M.A. from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

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Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE) 2017

Catherine McCulloch, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
Through a variety of online curated resources and interactive events, this project will advance topics of relevance and importance to the DRK-12 community, the National Science Foundation, and society; support interaction and collaboration among DRK-12 awardees; and facilitate DRK-12 awardee engagement with policy and practice communities.        

Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education 2 (CADRE 2)

Catherine McCulloch, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
This award will continue and enhance the resource center (titled the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education, or CADRE) for the Discovery Research K-12 program. The project builds on the experience and expertise that evolved over six years in the development and implementation of CADRE.