Jennifer Stiles


Professional Title: 
Project Coordinator
About Me (Bio): 
Jennifer Stiles is the project coordinator for CADRE and the MSP-funded Research + Practice Collaboratory. As part of CADRE, her work focuses mainly on the project's broadening participation and early career initiatives, which includes supporting STEM education researchers and developers as part of the CADRE Fellows program. She is the author of the CADRE briefs, "Partnership Building as a Broadening-Participation Strategy: Helping Researchers and Developers Bridge the Gaps in STEM Education" and "CADRE Tips for Mentoring Early Career STEM Education Researchers and Developers." Her time on the Research + Practice Collaboratory is devoted primarily to qualitative data analysis and resource development related to bridging the gap between research and practice around the use of mobile technologies in early math classrooms. She is the author of the Research + Practice Collaboratory brief, "Supporting Mathematical Discourse in the Early Grades." Jennifer first became involved with informal education during her Peace Corps service in Bulgaria. During this time, she developed content for online English certification exams, co-instructed professional development workshops for young adults, and served as a mentor for high school students interested in studying abroad. Prior to joining EDC, she worked as part of the e‐learning team at Human Rights Education Associates in Cambridge, MA. In addition to her work at EDC, she serves as the Boston-area representative for the Human Rights Educators USA network. She has a B.A. from West Virginia University and an M.A. from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.
Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)

CADRE is the resource network that supports researchers and developers who participate in DR K-12 projects on teaching and learning in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. CADRE works with projects to strengthen and share methods, findings, results and products, helping to build collaboration around a strong portfolio of STEM education resources, models and technologies. CADRE raises external audiences’ awareness and understanding of the DR K-12 program, and builds new knowledge.