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Debra Brockway
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Assistant Director, Assessment

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An Examination of Science and Technology Teachers' Conceptual Learning Through Concept-Based Engineering Professional Development

Rodney Custer, Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Black Hills State University (BHSU), University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMass Boston), Purdue University
This project will determine the viability of an engineering concept-based approach to teacher professional development for secondary school science teachers in life science and in physical science. The project refines the conceptual base for engineering at the secondary level learning to increase the understanding of engineering concepts by the science teachers. The hypothesis is that when teachers and students engage with engineering design activities their understanding of science concepts and inquiry are also enhanced.

An Investigation of the Impact of Strengthening the "T" and "E" Components of STEM in High School Biology and Chemistry Courses

Debra Brockway, Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT)
The overriding goal of this project is to strengthen the “T” and “E” components of STEM in high school courses taken by a majority of students. Our hypothesis is that increasing the presence of engineering and technological design at the high school level, specifically by incorporating engineering activities in high school biology and chemistry classes, will improve students’ understanding of science concepts and strengthen students’ 21st century skills more than traditional methods.