Simulations, Games, and Digital Tools for Science and Math Learning: The Diversity of Research Questions and Methodological Approaches

This interactive poster session brings together 11 projects using digital computer technologies (games, simulations, tools) to discuss current research questions, corresponding methodologies, and next steps. 

Friday, June 15, 2012 - 10:30am to 12:30pm
Structured Poster Session

This interactive poster session brings together 11 projects using a range of digital computer technologies to improve science and math learning, including simulations, games, and other cyberlearning tools and environments. In addition to increasing communication and collaboration among these researchers, a key goal of this session is to discuss the diversity of research questions that each project (and the community as a whole) is engaged in, the research methodologies used, and the coupling between the research questions and the selected methodologies.

Each projects’ research questions reflect its particular goals and approaches. The research methodologies are, in turn, driven by the research questions of interest. This session allows participants to share the types of research questions that are of interest to them and why, to discuss the advantages and limitations of different research methodologies, to highlight all the different types of data being collected across these research efforts, and to discuss the types of research questions that can be examined with those data. The session provides time to brainstorm about the forefront of the research—what are the biggest questions at this time and how can the community begin to examine them?

The poster session is designed to benefit both the presenters and the participants. By including such a diverse range of projects, presenters aim to share knowledge about research questions, effective research methodologies, and challenges across this group of PIs who do not regularly communicate with each other about their projects. In addition, for participants who seek to include digital computer technologies in their projects, this session brings together a large number of possible partners and provides insight into the goals and active research areas.