Instructional Tools for Supporting Science Inquiry Practices and Academic Language Development for English Language Learners

Presenters share instructional materials for supporting science inquiry practices and academic language development, and seek feedback for increasing classroom implementation of materials.

Friday, June 15, 2012 - 8:30am to 9:45am
PI-organized Discussion

The overarching goal for this session is for presenters to receive feedback on how they might increase participant implementation of the classroom materials developed in their project. Their biggest challenge is to support deeper implementation of these materials in project classrooms despite current policy contexts in project schools. Teachers regularly say they like the materials, find them valuable, and understand their purposes. The project recommends to participating teachers that they use the materials a minimum of twice per week, but only about half of the project teachers are doing so. Thus, presenters are looking for feedback on how they can raise the level of implementation. Presenters are also interested to know how other projects use professional learning activities to provide effective support resulting in substantive implementation of project materials.

After a brief overview and orientation to the project materials, participants are engaged in several ways: first, by modeling with them brief examples of how teachers and students use the materials in schools, and later, by working together in small groups to brainstorm possible ways to increase implementation of materials and briefly share their ideas. Overcoming policy challenges are also discussed.