An Efficacy Study on the Use of Dynamic Geometry Software

Jiang, Z. & White, A. (2012). An efficacy study on the use of dynamic geometry software. In the Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education.

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A four-year research project funded by NSF examines the efficacy of an approach to high school geometry that utilizes dynamic geometry (DG) software and supporting instructional materials to supplement ordinary instructional practices. It compares effects of that intervention (the DG approach) with standard instruction that does not make use of computer tools. This paper reports a study conducted during the second year of the project. Student learning is assessed by a geometry test and other tests. Data for answering the research questions of the study are analyzed mainly by appropriate HLM methods. The analysis on the geometry test data is discussed in detail. The experimental group significantly outperformed the control group in geometry performance.
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